Sunday, October 07, 2007

When the Real Estate Section of the NY Times Calls Out the Negatives of Nightlife, We Guess It Must Be Real

The rally cry of NoHo's recent opposition to the addition of another night-hip restaurant wasn't an anomoly, nor was it yet another cranky protest. When residents and property owners, some of them pretty big ones, pointed out that the unrestricted dominance of bars and night-hip restaurants was contrary to the economic and social interests in their community, it seemed a shocking reversal of the "Public Interest," as interpreted by the State Liquor Authority and to some extent New York City Government, which had all too often declared that anything that made money couldn't be refused.

Well, here it is, folks, from the most pro real estate newspaper in the City! If the nightlife industry - a potentially valuable contributor to the City's economy can't learn to manage itself, can't take an active and responsible role in the vitality of a neighborhood, bigger players in the economy may regulate them even more than laws do.

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