Sunday, September 30, 2007

4:00 AM Hit and Run Kills Pedestrian on Bowery & 4th St.

According to 7online: This deadly hit and run happened just after 4 a.m. Sunday morning at Bowery and east 4th Street. The 24-year-old victim suffered massive head injuries and later died at St. Vincents Hospital. Several people witnessed the horrific accident.

NY Sun Covers Bond Street

Bond Street Begins Transition
Staff Reporter of the Sun, September 27, 2007 posted 9/26/07 11:25 pm EDT

Just in case you missed it. Click on the title above.

Hotel Bulletin

We have just heard from the Chair of CB2 Manhattan's Zoning Committee Chair that the plans have changed for 8-10 Bond St. The planned as-of-right hotel is a last minute addition to the October hearing calendar. They are also seeking a special permit for a change of use on the area below the second floor.

We smell lots-o-bars and a probable endorsement from the NoHo BID.

UPDATE: ZONING & HOUSING Hon. David Reck, Chair
Thurs., 10/11 @ 6:30 PM – NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 206 (I.D. Required).
8-12 Bond St. Board of Standards and Appeals variance application pursuant to Section 72-21 to permit hotel and retail (Use Group 6 including restaurant use) below the level of the second story in an M1-5B zoning district. The proposed new building will contain as of right hotel uses on floors two through seven and will comply with the bulk standards for the district.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Save Post-AL...address correction

It seems that 341 Lafayette is another address to be watching. The owners have entered into an agreement with a real estate firm to convert the ground floor spaces to high class retail (we are not sure about the second floor).

BUT, in the process Gary Patik, owner of Post-AL, our much-beloved and much-needed packing, shipping (specializes in art and antiques), printing and mailbox store is being forced to leave.

Help him find another address in our neighborhood, PLEASE. Faster, more efficient and way-more neighborhood friendly than some of his national chain competitors, Post-AL provides a needed service to our community...AND, need I add, this is a quiet, clean, 8:00 am to 6:00pm business, not attracting of vermin, eco-frieindly and the perfect compliment to our growing stable of live-work neighbors.

So, here are his specs: 750-1000 sq. ft of space. Ampirage enough to run two computers and two copy machines, and storage space for packing materials. His reputation is terrific; he has a steady and rapidly growing customer base...AND he loves the neighborhood.

If you've got an idea...or a space, you can reach him directly at CORRECTED ADDRESS:

Schrager Bonds With His New Neighbors

Dan Levin reports in this weeks New York Magazine about our sweet victory in keeping Quiet Bond Street, actually quiet. We can't say it click on the title above and enjoy...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

More San Genaro....

If living with it isn't quite enough, check out the dialogue on , "How to Clean Up San Genaro" (click on title above)

New York Times Maps Building Permits

The New York Times Real Estate Section now includes a feature that maps building permits by date and location. Ours is Village Soho (maybe someday they'll recognize NoHo). So, now we know there are major rennovation permits at 32 Bond, 42 Bond and 53 Great Jones issued since June of this year. No surprises here...but now you know for the future.

Click on the title above, and then put the address in your favorites.

Now, if someone can figure out how to map DOB violations ...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

NoHo Ranks High as Recession Proof

Straight from Downtown Express....In its annual real estate edition, New York Magazine ranked the city’s neighborhoods by their vulnerability to economic downturns, specifically the recent sub-prime mortgage crisis. Neighborhoods were ranked from 1.0 to 10, with 1.0 being recession-proof and 10 being the top of the bursting bubble.

Downtown faired pretty well in New York’s assessment, with the West Village and Tribeca leading the pack at a 2.0. .....Soho, Noho and the central Village came in at a 2.5 thanks to true loft spaces and the stability provided by N.Y.U. The East Village and Lower East Side, however, were rated a less-stable 5.0 because of young buyers who may have bitten off more debt than they can chew.

Click on title above for full Downtown Express coverage.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Museum Stimulates Gallery Relocations

We have caught buzz in several places that the New Museum's (235 Bowery) opening on Dec. 1st is stimulating the migration of galleries from Chelsea to our area. The latest is in the Sept 19 edition of the NY Sun (click on title above), though a full run-down is found in ArtInfo:

Dozens have popped up or relocated within the neighborhood in the past year or so—including James Fuentes LLC, Reena Spaulings, Rivington Arms, Salon 94 Freemans, Smith-Stewart, Sunday, and Thierry Goldberg Projects—and at least a couple new ones will be in business in the area by the time the New Museum opens its doors Dec. 1, such as Eleven Rivington and Rental. The irrepressible Stefan Stoyanov has moved his Luxe Gallery from 57th Street (a location he told me more than once he found frustrating) to 53 Stanton Street, just a couple of blocks east of the museum, where he opens his first show Sept. 6, and Lehmann Maupin is expanding into a newly restored building a block from the New Museum at 201 Chrystie Street, but will maintain its 26th Street headquarters.

Perhaps NoHo's many ample ground floor spaces are also fertile ground?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

AOL Moving from Virginia to NoHo, Sort of..

Adding to the dotcoms and audio/video post production business resident in NoHo will be the new home of AOL at the Wannamaker Building.

See a great picture of this landmark and some witty comments about just which neighborhood should claim AOL residency at

NoHo Revealed

It's not easy to find balance between lifestyles in New York City. But the residents and property owners and business owners on Bond St and in NoHo are trying.

In the struggle to contain liquor-influenced entertainment and commerce and allow room for other possibilities, QUIET BOND ST has produced a video and placed it on YouTube.

Check it out:

Monday, September 17, 2007

NoHo Photographer, Stan Ries Opens Show Sept 20th

The New York School of Interior Design presents NoHo architectural photographer, Stan Ries, in a show on Great Public Spaces from September 20 through December 21st.

Last year (Seot. 2006) he released a book, The World Trade Center Remembered, Aerial and Panoramic Photographs, published by Linlithgo Publishers, Germantown, NY

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seeking Balance

Once upon a time we were all young enough to enjoy the weekend carouse; some of us are still young enough to enjoy it. And, where would we be without New York's culinary cutting edge? Probably somewhere in Idaho wishing for saffron risotto.

But, when the liquor flows more steadily than the food; when the carousing takes to the street; when your fun becomes someone else's problem, then we've crossed the line.

From anywhere in NoHo there are between 10 and 30 liquor licensed establishments within 500 feet. This density of garbage-, vermin-, traffic- and patron-producing activity has surpassed our ability to contain it. It is also beginning to affect our property values and our cache in attracting other businesses that would contribute to the economic and social viability of our neighborhood - including the licensed establishments that have to dream up ever more aggressive means to attract customers. (Invitations on MySpace are only the tip of the iceberg.)

It is not that we want to scourge the neighborhood of what we have, it is that we would prefer not to have more...and that an upgrade in the operators of some might be a good idea.
So, if you have similar feelings, you are encouraged to take on a little civic activism and let Community Board #2 and the State Liquor Authority know your feelings on this matter.
You can download a petition or copy text to send in a letter to Community Board #2, at on the NoHo News page.
NoHo succeeded in gaining a denial for the license application on Bond St. at September 20th Full Board hearing. CB#2 Manhattan ruled in favor of NoHo in the "Public Interest."

A Community of Artists

Since its beginning NoHo has been the home of innovators, artists and creative endeavors. We know of more than 50 entities and know there are more within our neighborhood. Chuck Close, whose self portrait is at the left is one of them. A new Gallery called 33 Bond is another.

This section is provided for announcements of performances, releases, gallery openings, shows, music releases and concerts.

And, should you be interested in editing regular posts on overall NoHo art activities, please contact us.

NoHoManhattan.Org Is Moving Toward Digital Democracy

This is where you can comment about anything, raise an issue, register a complaint...or sign up to lead an issue you feel is important to your neighborhood.

It is also where, if you are one of our many new neighbors, you can tell us what you like and don't like.

You might want to check the current calendar at Community Board #2 at http://www.cb/ where you will find the hearing schedule on Zoning, Liquor Licensing, Traffic and Transportation, Landmarks, Sidewalk Cafes that affect your property or quality of life.

We're looking for direction, so here's your chance to affect change. Add your comments to this post. We'll check them often.

Spread the word.

NYU Campus Planning

Second New York University Open House on Campus Planning - Monday, Sept 17, Hemmerdinger Hall, 100 Washington Square East, 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Meet the planning team. Let them hear your thoughts about your neighborhood and how NYU can have a more positive impact on its future.

You can download a list and map of current NYU properties and uses at

San Genaro, Houston Construction, Movie Crews

UPDATE: Sept 22, 2007
We're still reaching it comes as no surprise that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's appointment of Nazli Parvizi, as Commissioner of the Community Assistance Unit, (formerly Executive Director of the Mayor's Volunteer Center) wasn't quite the right answer. In March, by Executive Order, the Mayor added another layer in the Street Permitting and Oversight arena -- the Office of Citywide Events Coordination and Management, appointing as Executive Director, Evan M. Korn.

After more than an hour's testimony at last weeks Goverment Operations Committee Hearing, Chaired by Councilman Simcha Felder where both Councilman Felder and Councilman Gerson tried their very best to find out how, exactly, Mr. Korn is to improve things, we are all still in the dark. So, today, we tried to find out how to actually contact the new CECM office. Guess what, there is no listing anywhere on the site and their own search engine doesn't recognize the name. Oh, well!

Sept 17, 2007
So, here we are, three days into the San Genaro Feast, two years into Houston St. reconstruction and regularly bombarded by film production and nobody outside of NoHo seems to grasp how much disruption this creates.

Repeated outreach to the Ninth Precinct for additional enforcement on the Bowery/Houston corridors has met deaf ears. Horn honking began at 4:00 pm on Saturday (though NoHo is plastered with No Honking signs), and kept a steady pace till 2:30 a.m. Sunday. By 6:00 a.m. the jack hammers began on Houston St.

Two weeks ago two different film crews demolished trees, left oil slicks and continuously ran diesel engines -- not the low sulfer type with filters, as the new law requires -- for two days.

Tell the City what needs to be done. On Tuesday, September 18th at 1PM in council chambers at City Hall, there will be an oversight of CAU (Community Assistance Unit) regarding their very liberal issuance of permits for street fairs. Street fairs can create traffic snarls, noise late into the evening, crime, trash, public drunkenness, and other things that detract from a community’s quality of life. Please come and lend your support – let CAU know that these permits should not be issued without the approval of local community boards. Show CAU that there needs to be oversight of their permitting procedures so that the local community can establishment parameters for location, dates, and duration of street fairs, as well making sure that there are adequate measures taken to abate noise and provide sanitary facilities.