Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seeking Balance

Once upon a time we were all young enough to enjoy the weekend carouse; some of us are still young enough to enjoy it. And, where would we be without New York's culinary cutting edge? Probably somewhere in Idaho wishing for saffron risotto.

But, when the liquor flows more steadily than the food; when the carousing takes to the street; when your fun becomes someone else's problem, then we've crossed the line.

From anywhere in NoHo there are between 10 and 30 liquor licensed establishments within 500 feet. This density of garbage-, vermin-, traffic- and patron-producing activity has surpassed our ability to contain it. It is also beginning to affect our property values and our cache in attracting other businesses that would contribute to the economic and social viability of our neighborhood - including the licensed establishments that have to dream up ever more aggressive means to attract customers. (Invitations on MySpace are only the tip of the iceberg.)

It is not that we want to scourge the neighborhood of what we have, it is that we would prefer not to have more...and that an upgrade in the operators of some might be a good idea.
So, if you have similar feelings, you are encouraged to take on a little civic activism and let Community Board #2 and the State Liquor Authority know your feelings on this matter.
You can download a petition or copy text to send in a letter to Community Board #2, at on the NoHo News page.
NoHo succeeded in gaining a denial for the license application on Bond St. at September 20th Full Board hearing. CB#2 Manhattan ruled in favor of NoHo in the "Public Interest."

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Anonymous said...

I consider the construction noise to be vastly more harmful to my quality of life than the drunkards. I don't know exactly what time noho is supposed to be "quiet" but it certainly does not include many times save early sunday morning.