Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Save Post-AL...address correction

It seems that 341 Lafayette is another address to be watching. The owners have entered into an agreement with a real estate firm to convert the ground floor spaces to high class retail (we are not sure about the second floor).

BUT, in the process Gary Patik, owner of Post-AL, our much-beloved and much-needed packing, shipping (specializes in art and antiques), printing and mailbox store is being forced to leave.

Help him find another address in our neighborhood, PLEASE. Faster, more efficient and way-more neighborhood friendly than some of his national chain competitors, Post-AL provides a needed service to our community...AND, need I add, this is a quiet, clean, 8:00 am to 6:00pm business, not attracting of vermin, eco-frieindly and the perfect compliment to our growing stable of live-work neighbors.

So, here are his specs: 750-1000 sq. ft of space. Ampirage enough to run two computers and two copy machines, and storage space for packing materials. His reputation is terrific; he has a steady and rapidly growing customer base...AND he loves the neighborhood.

If you've got an idea...or a space, you can reach him directly at CORRECTED ADDRESS: gapati8@aol.com

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